Organized Crime/Gangs

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a “criminal organization” is defined as a group of three or more people whose main purpose is the facilitation or commission of serious criminal offences that likely result in material benefits (including financial) for at least one member of the group.   Street gangs can be more sophisticated; many are more structured with established names. Some base membership on ethnicity. Often they are linked to other criminal organizations—formally or informally—to traffic drugs and carry out other criminal activities.   Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMG) are perhaps the most organized and notorious criminal organizations operating in Alberta. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is the most prominent OMG, with at least five chapters operating out of various cities. They are also associated with support clubs—like the Dirty Few, Syndicate and Tribal—carrying out lower-level “dirty work” for them and. OMGs can also engage in violent rivalries with each other.