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As part of ALERT’s public safety goals to make our province safer for all Albertans, we occasionally release targeted public safety campaigns focusing and bringing awareness on trending issues affecting our jurisdiction. Learn about gangs, sextortion, and more below.

Butt Out Creeps

Butt Out Creeps is ALERT’s public safety initiative focusing on sextortion, targeted at youth online.

Gangs are real

In Alberta, gangs are real, and not as obvious as you’d think. Do you know how to spot them? Gangs hide in plain sight.

Board of Directors

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) involves images and/or videos that depict the sexual abuse of minors – the majority of which involve prepubescent children. Often, CSAM involves explicit and/or extreme sexual assaults against the child victim (

Learn more about Internet Child Exploitation and ALERT’s integrated teams combatting this issue.

Ghost Guns are illegal, privately manufactured firearms or lower receivers. These weapons are often made with 3D-printers, and undermine public safety due to their lack of licensing requirements, serialization and safety controls.

Learn more about Ghost Guns on ALERT’s dedicated Privately Manufactured Firearms info page