Financial Crimes

Money laundering is the process of disguising and legitimizing currency obtained through criminal activity, using the stages of placement, layering, and integration. It facilitates corruption and can destabilize the economies of susceptible countries. It also compromises the integrity of legitimate financial systems and institutions, and gives organized crime the funds it needs to conduct further criminal activities.   While seizing drugs is an important part of what ALERT investigators do, perhaps more so is disrupting and dismantling organized crime to hinder the proceeds of crime. Hitting criminals in their pocketbooks hampers their ability to undertake criminal activity. In Alberta, cash and goods seized through police investigations and believed to be gained from or used to commit crime are forwarded to the Civil Forfeiture Office. Forfeited cash and funds generated through the sale of forfeited property are used by the provincial government to compensate identifiable victims of crime and fund community-based programs that support victims of crime, including family violence shelters and gang-reduction programs.