Western Canada Gang & Organized Crime Conference kicks off in Edmonton

Western Canada Gang and Organized Crime Conference kicks off in Edmonton

June 18, 2013


Edmonton…Members of the law enforcement community from across Canada are gathering in Edmonton for the next three days to share information and explore current trends related to gang activity and organized crime.

The annual conference, hosted this year by ALERT, began today and will feature presenters from Canada and the United States. More than 500 delegates representing police, intelligence, and government agencies will be in attendance.

“This conference provides law enforcement andgovernment agencies a forum to discuss challenges and best practices in the investigation and prosecution of organized crime cases,” said ALERT Inspector Gerry Francois. “We’re dealing with a type of crime that crosses jurisdictions so it is important for the provinces to come together and share information.”

The media was invited to attend the gathering’s opening remarks at the River Cree Resort and Casino where Inspector Francois and Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Jonathan Denis, Q.C. addressed conference participants.

“Bringing law enforcement experts together from across North America is critically important to promoting safe communities and effectively addressing the risks posed by gangs and organized crime,” said Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

The conference was organized by ALERT’s training unit, Alberta Specialized Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), with cooperation from ALERT’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Units (CFSEU). ASLET provides elite training to enhance the ability of police to detect and disrupt organized crime in Alberta. CFSEU teams include municipal police, RCMP members, and intelligence analysts who work together to target and dismantle criminal organizations and gang activity in Alberta.

ALERT is an umbrella organization established by the Government of Alberta to bring together the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources to tackle serious and organized crime. Close to 400 municipal police, RCMP and sheriffs work collaboratively for ALERT. For more information about ALERT, please visit: www.alert-ab.ca.


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