West Edmonton Problem Property Closed

Edmonton… A west Edmonton home that has caused neighbourhood concerns over suspected drug activity, has been closed following an Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) investigation.

In response to concerns for public safety, ALERT’s Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) team has closed the home located at 8015 189 Street. The home has been associated with suspected drug activity and Edmonton Police Service members have been called to the home in the past. In May 2014, a suspected drug dealer was arrested in the driveway of the home.

The closure took place on October 7th and will last for a period of 90 days.


SCAN uses civil legislation to target problem properties around the province that are used for illegal purposes such as prostitution, gangs, drug use and drug trafficking. The SCAN team consists of Alberta Sheriffs who partner with local police agencies on their investigations.


During the 90-day closure, the tenant is barred from entering or occupying the property and locks being changed, windows and doors boarded up, and the property fenced. SCAN began their investigation in August 2013 and initially attempted to address the concerns through informal means.


Since October 2008, SCAN has received more than 2,500 complaints about problem properties province-wide. Fifteen closures have taken place in the Edmonton area.