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Thirteen Drug Dealers Charged in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray… Thirteen people have been charged in a recent ALERT crackdown against suspected dial-a-dope drug dealers operating in Fort McMurray. Eight people have been arrested and arrest warrants have been issued for five others.

ALERT’s Fort McMurray organized crime team conducted the investigation in response to community concerns related to drug trafficking. ALERT worked hand-in-hand with Wood Buffalo RCMP on the four-month investigation and seized cocaine and fentanyl.

“Drugs harm our communities in variety of ways and ALERT is committed to dismantling criminal networks that facilitate the flow of fentanyl and cocaine into our neighbourhoods,” said ALERT Staff Sgt. Pamela Robinson.

The arrests took place between January 25 and February 21, 2017. Each of the suspects has been charged with at least one offence of drug trafficking:

  • Sean Bowes, 36-year-old man from Fort McMurray;
  • Frederick Bursey, 28-year-old man from Fort McMurray;
  • Matthew Gagnon, 19-year-old man from Fort McMurray;
  • Michael Gill, 25-year-old man from Fort McMurray;
  • Kelly Griffin, 31-year-old woman from Fort McMurray;
  • Dylan Nkala, 19-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Justin Robinson, 27-year-old man from Pembroke, Ont;
  • Derrick Spooney, 31-year-old man from Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, arrest warrants have been issued for the following suspects:

  • Michael Corbu, 22-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Jeffrey Lundin, 27-year-old man from Fort McMurray;
  • Chase McDougall, 22-year-old man from Spruce Grove;
  • Hamid Saad Al Amiri, 31-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Melvern Smith, 23-year-old man from Edmonton.

Dial-a-dope drug dealers are typically the first step into criminal gangs and/or networks. Criminal networks use dial-a-dope dealers to insulate themselves from the risks associated to the drug trade, which includes arrests, drug rips, debts, and related violence.

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) involves images and/or videos that depict the sexual abuse of minors – the majority of which involve prepubescent children. Often, CSAM involves explicit and/or extreme sexual assaults against the child victim (

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Ghost Guns are illegal, privately manufactured firearms or lower receivers. These weapons are often made with 3D-printers, and undermine public safety due to their lack of licensing requirements, serialization and safety controls.

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