Ten Drug Dealers Caught in Brooks Bust

Medicine Hat… Seven suspected drug dealers have been arrested and warrants have been issued for three others as ALERT shutdown a drug trafficking network operating in Brooks, Alta.

ALERT’s Medicine Hat organized crime team conducted the investigation in response to community concerns related to cocaine trafficking. ALERT worked hand-in-hand with RCMP Brooks and Medicine Hat Police Service on the three-month investigation.

ALERT alleges that the group was operating as a dial-a-dope network with Mohamed Abdi Yusuf, 40, as the suspected ringleader. The group played a significant role in cocaine trafficking within Brooks and the project implicated the suppliers and street-level dealers. A total of 10 men are facing 20 drug-related charges.

“This dial-a-dope group presented a challenge for uniformed members to investigate. However, by virtue of the partnership with ALERT and their specialized skill sets and resources, we were able to deliver a coordinated response and provide a safer community,” said Sgt. Raimo Loo, RCMP Brooks.

The arrests took place between October 28-31, 2016. Each of the suspects has been charged with at least one offence of drug trafficking:

  • Mohamed Abdi Yusuf, 40, of Brooks;
  • Seku Boikay, 23, of Brooks;
  • Jaamac Jaamac Cali, 26, of Brooks;
  • Mohamed Abdusab Ahmed, 41, of Brooks;
  • Nybol Chul Ruach, 35, of Brooks;
  • Adrianne Morin, 30, of Brooks;
  • Kaeden Parr, 21, of Brooks.

Meanwhile, arrest warrants have been issued for the following suspects:

  • Abdifatah Ahmed, 28, of Brooks;
  • Mamady Cissoko, 21, of Brooks;
  • Ahmed Maalin, 20, of Brooks.

A search warrant was also executed on October 28 at a Yusuf’s home in Brooks. Fourteen grams of cocaine and various drug trafficking paraphernalia was seized.

Dial-a-dope drug dealers are typically the first step into criminal gangs and/or networks. Criminal networks use dial-a-dope dealers to insulate themselves from the risks associated to the drug trade, which includes arrests, drug rips, debts, and related violence.