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Stolen handgun seized during Red Deer arrests

Red Deer… ALERT seized a loaded handgun during the arrest of suspected drug dealers in Red Deer. The handgun, which had previously been reported as stolen, was seized alongside cocaine, fentanyl, and other prohibited items.


The seizure took place on April 4, 2024 when ALERT’s Integrated Gang Enforcement Team observed a suspected drug transaction involving two vehicles in a parking lot along Gaetz Avenue. Two vehicles were pulled over and the five occupants were arrested.


One of the suspected drug dealers was found carrying the loaded handgun tucked into his waistband. The handgun was determined to have previously been reported as stolen from the Edmonton area.


“Although gang-related violence may seem specifically targeted to those involved in organized criminality; the negative impact of this victimization is far more reaching and effects all Albertans.  The solution lays within the integrated approach of our ALERT teams to suppress, disrupt and dismantle organized crime,” said Insp. Angela Kemp, ALERT Edmonton.


The full search of both vehicles resulted in ALERT seizing the following items:

  • Loaded, stolen handgun;
  • 45 grams of cocaine;
  • 2 grams of fentanyl;
  • 3 fentanyl patches;
  • GPS tracking device;
  • Portable hacking device;
  • Brass knuckles;
  • Gloves and balaclavas; and
  • $5,100 cash.


The handgun will be submitted for further analysis and examination by ALERT’s Provincial Firearms Solutions Lab.


The five suspects arrested face a combined 25 charges related to drug, firearms, and weapons offences:

  • Makenzie Giles, 27-year-old from Red Deer;
  • Martin Heathen, 30-year-old from Onion Lake, Sask.;
  • Jordan McMartin, 22-year-old from Red Deer;
  • Ethan Frenette, 21-year-old from Red Deer; and
  • Madison Halvorson, 23-year-old from Red Deer.


McMartin was also found to be wanted on several warrants in relation to offences in the Red Deer area.


Anyone with information about this investigation, or who suspect drug or gang activity in their community can call local police, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers is always anonymous.


ALERT was established and is funded by the Alberta Government and is a compilation of the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources committed to tackling serious and organized crime.

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