Six Arrested as Result of Drug Crackdown in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray…Six suspected drug dealers have been arrested as result of a joint investigation between Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) and RCMP Wood Buffalo. The coordinated effort is aimed at curbing the Fort McMurray drug trade and associated violence.

Cocaine and other drugs were seized as part of two separate investigations completed in Fort McMurray. On September 9 an apartment in the Waterways neighbourhood was the subject of a search warrant, followed by a search warrant at a downtown apartment on September 18.

“Wood Buffalo RCMP has been working hand-in-hand with ALERT to address drug issues that impact public safety,” said Supt. Rob McCloy, Wood Buffalo RCMP. “These arrests are expected to have a direct impact on drug-related violence in the community.”

“ALERT utilizes violence suppression through drug enforcement and we have the ability to deliver a robust response to these types of complex crimes,” said Insp. Chad Coles, ALERT.

The totality of both search warrants produced 300 grams of crack cocaine, smaller amounts of marihuana, khat, and 2.8 kilograms of an unknown cocaine buffing agent. The downtown apartment was operating as a cocaine conversion lab where crack was being manufactured.

Nearly $35,000 in cash proceeds of crime was seized, which will be forfeited to the province’s Civil Forfeiture Office.

The following people were arrested and are facing a combined 25 charges related to drugs and breach offences:

  • Yimag Abdi Ahmed, 23;
  • Maya Ahmed, 23;
  • Mahamoud Mahdi Nur, 23;
  • Anaa Dawud Usman, 30;
  • Esmael Eshatu Habte, 24;
  • Abdurahzak Mohamed Isse, 25.

The accused made their first court appearances on September 22.

ALERT was established and is funded by the Alberta Government and is a compilation of the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources committed to tackling serious and organized crime. Members of Alberta Sheriffs, Calgary Police Service, Edmonton Police Service, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Medicine Hat Police Service, and RCMP work in ALERT.