Canadian Centre for Child Protection: Safer Internet Day 2024

Winnipeg… For Safer Internet Day, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) is launching modernized Zoe & Molly safety resources for online games. Zoe & Molly materials help teachers and parents have relevant, important conversations about staying safe online with their children and students in Grades 3 and 4.

The comics, which C3P are offering for free for a limited time, are accompanied by read-along versions, interactive online games, and a quiz. Together, the Zoe & Molly resources help teach children important skills like distinguishing safe and unsafe online boundaries, and telling an adult about inappropriate content, conduct, or contact online.

“The internet is an unregulated space that is constantly changing. It’s critical that we make resources available to parents and educators to help kids build skills to increase their safety. The Zoe & Molly comics have been updated to address the new risks and offender tactics we’re seeing through reports,” said Noni Classen, C3P Director of Education.

Visit for more information, read-along versions of the comics, or to play the online safety games and quizzes.

“The internet is big place and much like a busy shopping mall or fair, there lies a risk your kids can get lost or find trouble. Be present, not just in their digital lives but in their real lives. Our kids need to know we trust them and that they can trust us as parents, so showing some humility, being inquisitive, and supporting them when mistakes happen online goes a long way. When kids are victimized, it is never their fault. That’s the fear that grips so many youths and results in non-reporting of online sex crimes; kids shouldn’t have to deal with this on their own,” said Sgt. Kerry Shima, ALERT ICE.

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