Prolific Offender Implicated in High-End Vehicle Fraud

Calgary… ALERT Calgary’s Auto Crimes unit has recovered two high-end vehicles, and have issued a warrant for a prolific vehicle fraud suspect.

Philip Mackay is accused of fraudulently purchasing high-end, luxury vehicles from multiple car dealerships. ALERT’s investigation spanned multiple provinces and worked alongside British Columbia’s Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT), Moose Jaw Police, Lethbridge Police, and Calgary Police Service.

Two vehicles were recovered: a 2020 Ford truck valued at $74,000; and a 2019 Land Rover valued at $138,000. Both vehicles were recovered by IMPACT in Richmond, B.C.

“This suspect is well-known among auto crimes investigators and we suspect these vehicles were in the process of being transported to foreign black markets,” said Det. Knut Shoebotham, ALERT Auto Crimes unit.

A warrant was issued for Mackay’s arrest and the 61-year-old is charged with fraud, possession of stolen property, and identity theft. Mackay is currently in custody in Ontario for separate but similar offences.

In April 2020, Edmonton Police Service issued a Canada-wide warrant for Mackay after he allegedly used false identification to purchase five luxury vehicles.