Outlaw Bikers Arrested in Drayton Valley

Edmonton… Four members of the Drayton Valley chapter of the Warlocks outlaw motorcycle club have been arrested and eight firearms were seized following an Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) investigation.    


Edmonton Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU), with the assistance from RCMP Drayton Valley, RCMP Emergency Response Team, and Edmonton Police Service members, executed a search warrant at a residence associated to the Warlocks on March 21st.  

Inside the Drayton Valley home, investigators seized the following:   

  • A loaded handgun; 
  • 6 rifles, including 2 prohibited; 
  • 273 rounds of ammunition; 
  • Over 1 kilogram of marihuana; 
  • Over 200 various prescription pills; 
  • Other weapons including knives, brass knuckles, and air soft guns; 
  • $6,150 cash proceeds of crime.   

A total of eight people have been arrested, including Warlocks members Sheldon King, 31, Rocky Buzzell, 49, Luke Bushell, 22, and Dean McKnight, 41. McKnight was arrested in a traffic stop and was found to be carrying a loaded handgun. 


Warlocks associates Elizabeth McKnight, 46, Emanuel Lapointe, 42, Richard Williams, 57, and Blair MacNeil, 32, were also arrested. In total, the eight individuals face 77 drug and weapons related charges.


“Drayton Valley is encouraged by the recent progress shown by Law Enforcement in addressing the problems which Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have brought to our community,” said Drayton Valley Mayor Glenn McLean. “Together with Law Enforcement and other agencies, Drayton Valley is united in our commitment to maintain and grow a healthy community – one in which the criminal element is not welcome.”