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More than 700 Marihuana Plants Seized in Calgary Grow-Op

Calgary…Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) have dismantled a 743 plant marihuana grow operation in Calgary’s Harvest Hills neighbourhood. The value of the plants and growing equipment seized is over $900,000.


ALERT’s Green Team South, an integrated team made up Calgary Police Service (CPS) and RCMP members, shutdown the grow-op on February 25th and arrested two people. Inside the home, Green Team members found a three stage grow-op on the main level of the home. The home was being used exclusively for marihuana production and City of Calgary Building Inspectors and Alberta Health Services later deemed the home unfit for human habitation.


“Based on the presence of mould in the home, it would appear this grow-op has been in operation for some time,” said Sgt. Len Dalton. “People underestimate the damage grow-ops can do to a home. Besides mould, there are fire risks, electrical issues, and crime-related violence.”


Two women were arrested at the home. Tan Le, 50, and Thuy Nguyen, 49, are each accused of production of marihuana and possession for marihuana for the purpose of trafficking.


The Harvest Hills grow-op is one of the largest this year for Green Team South. Since April 2013 the team has dismantled more than 50 grow-ops in southern Alberta and has seized more than $20 million worth of marihuana plants.


To report suspicious activity or a suspected marihuana grow operation in your community, contact police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS). For information on how to spot a marihuana grow operation, visit

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