More GHB seized in Edmonton

Edmonton… More than five litres of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) were seized in search warrants executed by Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) and four people have been arrested.


ALERT’s Edmonton Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU), with the assistance of Edmonton Police Service and RCMP members, seized the GHB following a search warrant in Edmonton on February 20th. GHB, also known as the “date rape drug” was stored in two-litre pop bottles and is estimated to be worth more than $5,500.


“The way the GHB was being stored in pop bottles is very concerning. If a child, or even an adult, unknowingly took a drink, the consequences could have been fatal,” said Sgt. Grant Best. “It is a dangerous substance and unfortunately we are seeing more of it this year.”


GHB is colourless and odourless and is commonly sold as a clear liquid in water bottles or small vials. The seizure came just days after the EPS Specialized Traffic Apprehension Team (STAT) recovered 30-litres of GHB in a distracted driving traffic stop in west Edmonton on February 18th. Since March of last year ALERT teams have seized nearly 15 litres of GHB across Alberta.


In addition to GHB, other drugs were located with the total haul for CFSEU-Edmonton including:

  • 5 ½ litres of GHB worth over $5,500;
  • 113 grams of cocaine worth $11,300;
  • 500 grams of MDMA worth $20,000;
  • $5,240 in cash.

Four people were arrested and face a total of 10 drug-related charges as result of the investigation:

  • Daniel Yahia, 33-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Mohammed Elghadban, 33-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Jeffrey Oxamitny, 37-year-old man from Edmonton;
  • Emily Dirk, 27-year-old woman from Edmonton.