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Edmonton man faces additional charges following sexual assault against children

Edmonton… ALERT Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) has laid 18 additional charges following further investigation into child luring, sexual assault and child pornography offences in the Morinville, Alta. area.

In July, Imesh Ratnayake, 21-years old, was charged in relation to child luring and sexual assault involving six children. He was later released on conditions.

Investigators now have reason to believe there could be upwards of 100 victims.

“The investigation into Mr. Ratnayake has been evolving since his first arrest last summer. ICE Forensic Technicians, our Criminal Analyst and investigators have discovered thousands of videos and images that depict upwards of potentially 100 additional, unidentified victims of child luring and sexual assault.  As a result of the ongoing investigation, Mr. Ratnayake was arrested for offences he is alleged to have committed against previously identified children in the Morinville area in the fall of 2021. We want parents in the Edmonton Region to discuss this case with their children to determine if they communicated or met with Mr. Ratnayake,” said Sgt. Kerry Shima, ICE.

On December 9, 2022, Imesh Ratnayake was re-arrested and is now facing an additional 18 charges including sexual assault, making child pornography, and child luring.  He has been remanded in custody.

The additional charges against Ratnayake include:

  • Sexual assault;
  • Sexual interference;
  • Luring a child x6;
  • Making child pornography x2;
  • Obtaining sexual services for consideration from persons under 18;
  • Making sexually explicit material available to a child x5;
  • Utter threats;
  • Fail to comply with a release order.

It’s believed Imesh Ratnayake used several Snapchat profiles and may be known to his victims under the user names “islandsauce0129”, “monked.ruffy” or by his pseudonym, Matt Wintoni or “mattwintoni”.

ICE is looking to identify and speak with potential victims and witnesses. Anyone with information about this investigation is encouraged to call their local police, the Edmonton Police Service or anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

The Zebra Centre for Child Protection, Morinville RCMP, K Division GIS, and the Edmonton Police Service assisted in the investigation, which began in June of 2022.

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Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) involves images and/or videos that depict the sexual abuse of minors – the majority of which involve prepubescent children. Often, CSAM involves explicit and/or extreme sexual assaults against the child victim (

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