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Edmonton Brothers Arrested

Edmonton… A pair of Edmonton brothers are facing a range of criminal charges after ALERT seized drugs and a handgun in a short-term investigation.

Sadi Jalali, 21, and Saidkheyam Jalali, 23, were arrested by ALERT Edmonton’s organized crime team on August 3. ALERT, an integrated unit consisting of Edmonton Police and RCMP members, received information that the brothers were allegedly trafficking drugs and in possession of firearms.

Sadi was arrested via a traffic stop near Ellerslie Road and 70 Street SW. Inside the vehicle ALERT located 16 individual bags of cocaine and $5,285 cash proceeds of crime. An Infiniti sedan was seized as civil forfeiture. Sadi was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Saidkheyam was arrested via a traffic stop near 4 Avenue SW and 50 Street SW. At the time of arrest he was wearing a small brown satchel that contained a loaded Beretta 9mm handgun with its serial number removed, and $3,950 cash proceeds of crime. Saidkheyam’s Mercedes SUV was seized as civil forfeiture.

Saidkheyam faces eight charges, including:

  • Careless storage of a firearm;
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose;
  • Carry a concealed weapon;
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm;
  • Possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle;
  • Possession of a prohibited firearm;
  • Possession of a firearm obtained by crime;
  • Tampering with a serial number on a firearm.

A home in the southeast was also searched, but nothing of evidentiary value was recovered.

Both suspects were released on bail and are expected to appear in court on August 18. 

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