Drug Network Dismantled in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray… ALERT has dismantled a drug trafficking network allegedly operating in Fort McMurray. A four-month investigation resulted in charges against seven people and $120,000 in drugs and cash seized.

ALERT Fort McMurray’s organized crime and gang enforcement team concluded its investigation on January 19, 2017 with the search of five homes and eight vehicles. A range of drugs was seized, including 679 fentanyl pills and 307 grams of cocaine, along with three firearms.

Wood Buffalo RCMP provided assistance with the searches and helped with the arrest of five suspects.

ALERT’s investigation dates back to October 2016 when they learned of the group’s alleged involvement in the local drug trade. Throughout the course of the investigation ALERT utilized a variety of techniques to establish the hierarchy of the group and targets for enforcement action.

The following items were seized:

  • Three firearms;
  • 350 rounds of ammunition;
  • 679 fentanyl pills;
  • 307 grams of cocaine;
  • 21 MDMA pills;
  • 659 grams of marijuana;
  • 18 grams of psilocybin;
  • 70 vials of steroids;
  • $54,445 cash proceeds of crime;

The guns seized included a loaded 9mm handgun, a loaded sawed-off shotgun, and a 45-caliber rifle.

Seven people from Fort McMurray were arrested and a total of 58 charges laid. The charges are related to drug trafficking and numerous firearms offences:

  • Jason Gaulton, 31;
  • Ryan Swain, 21;
  • Christopher Abbot, 26;
  • Steve Sullivan, 41;
  • Jesse Blouard, 28;
  • Scott Webber, 35;
  • Ashley Roach, 40;