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Conditions Imposed on Edmonton’s Royal Western Motel

Edmonton… Following a lengthy investigation by ALERT’s Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) team, a Community Safety Order has been granted against Edmonton’s Royal Western Motel.

SCAN began their investigation into the Royal Western Motel in November 2013 after receiving community complaints surrounding drug trafficking and prostitution. During the investigation, SCAN witnessed multiple drug transactions taking place at the property, evidence of prostitution, and habitual drug usage.

Dating back to February 2013, the west-end motel, located at 15335 111 Avenue, Edmonton Police Service has responded to over 500 calls for service at that location. EPS has investigated two shootings at the motel, at least one drug overdose, and a series of reported robberies, assaults, and drug-related complaints.

SCAN uses civil legislation to target problem properties that are used for illegal purposes. Alberta’s SCAN legislation holds property owners accountable and can result in a formal closure.

For the Royal Western Motel, the Community Safety Order went into effect on October 15 and will last until July 15, 2016. During the nine-month period, the motel will remain open but will have to abide by several court-imposed conditions, including:

  • Do everything reasonably possible to prevent illegal drug activity or prostitution from continuing or reoccurring at the property;
  • Adult guests must provide photo identification;
  • Guests must register;
  • No hourly rentals of rooms;
  • Proper guest registry be maintained;
  • Registry records be provided to SCAN and/or EPS upon request.

SCAN will be continuing their investigation to ensure the conditions are implemented and adhered to. Consequences of not adhering to the conditions could result in fines under the SCAN legislation.

Last year SCAN received nearly 500 complaints from concerned citizens across Alberta about problem properties that are used for illegal purposes such as prostitution, gangs, drug use and drug trafficking. The SCAN team consists of Alberta Sheriffs.

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