Fentanyl Supply Seized Outside of Lethbridge

Lethbridge… Five hundred fentanyl pills were prevented from hitting the Lethbridge streets after Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) intercepted a shipment outside of city limits.

The fentanyl pills, along with cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, were seized at a traffic stop on July 8. ALERT Lethbridge, an integrated team consisting of Lethbridge Regional Police Service and RCMP members believe the drugs were being transported from Calgary.

ALERT seized the following drugs, with an estimated street value of $26,000:

  • 500 fentanyl pills;
  • 19 grams of cocaine;
  • 2.5 grams of heroin;
  • 2 grams of methamphetamine.

Three people were arrested. One of the suspects was out on bail from previous ALERT fentanyl bust that occurred in March 2015. More than 300 fentanyl pills were seized at that time.

  • Grant Lamane, 25, is charged with breach of recognizance;
  • Natasha Brooks, 25, is charged with possession of a controlled substance;
  • Paulo Murphy-O’Niell, 23, is charged with breach of recognizance (x 2), possession for the purpose of trafficking (x 2), driving while disqualified.

The vehicle the accused were driving, a 2003 Acura, was pulled over and searched on Highway 3 just outside of Lethbridge.

ALERT was established and is funded by the Alberta Government and is a compilation of the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources committed to tackling serious and organized crime. Members of Alberta Sheriffs, Calgary Police Service, Edmonton Police Service, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Medicine Hat Police Service, and RCMP work in ALERT.