Calgary man arrested for human trafficking offences

Calgary… ALERT has arrested a 28-year-old Calgary man for human trafficking-related offences. Six charges have been laid, including trafficking in a persons.

Jordon Fray was arrested on September 15, 2021 by ALERT Calgary’s Human Trafficking and Counterexploitation unit. The investigation dated back to August 2020 when a sex trafficking survivor contacted Calgary Police Services for help.

The survivor reported to police that she had been in a relationship with the accused, however it became sexually exploitative and she was forced to work in the sex trade. She managed to break free from her perpetrator and contacted police.

“The survivor exhibited remarkable courage in breaking free from her perpetrator. Her information and cooperation will help ensure no other women are victimized,” said Staff Sergeant Colleen Bowers, ALERT Calgary.

The survivor is receiving support and specialized care resources. Survivors of sex trafficking can call 211 for help.

Fray is charged with:

  • Trafficking in a persons (x 2);
  • Material benefit;
  • Material benefit from sexual services;
  • Advertising sexual services; and
  • Possession of proceeds of crime.

ALERT continues to investigate the possibility of other victims. Anyone with information about this investigation, or any human trafficking offence is encouraged to contact local police or Crime Stoppers.

ALERT’s Human Trafficking Counter Exploitation unit investigates domestic human trafficking involving sexual exploitation occurring in Alberta. The integrated unit also works in collaboration with agencies and organizations involved in rescuing and supporting survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.