Enhance Law Enforcement Capacity

ALERT intelligence and enforcement officers conduct sophisticated, long-term criminal investigations that require advanced training and knowledge. ALERT supports police by providing elite training to enhance the ability of officers to detect and disrupt organized crime in Alberta.


ALERT-AB.CA EXCLUSIVE: In the fight against serious and organized crime in Alberta, knowledge is power. Law enforcement officials not only have to keep up with what criminals are doing, but also with the legislation that governs how they do their jobs. And it’s never a bad idea to catch up with colleagues and compare best practices. This is where ALERT Training comes in. … [Read More]


ALERT-AB.CA EXCLUSIVE: Seeing is believing, as the old saying goes. But when it comes to organized crime investigations, seeing is the key to bringing perpetrators to justice. That’s where ALERT’s surveillance teams come in. Operating across Alberta in support of organized crime investigators, they collect detailed information on associations, exchanges, evidence and techniques. … [Read More]


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